French Cuisine – Paris

Just a cappuccino during a traditional petit déjeuner française, fresh fish selection from the open market, a simple champagne, and classic sausage and ground boefs.

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petite déjeuner française

Tricks of the market when selecting fish: (@ place monge)

  • Look for almost a “wet” sheen. This is the mucus membrane and signifies a healthy, fresh fish. The eyes should also be clear, the gils red and bloody. If they offer to scale it for you, it saves you much of the hassle during preparation.

Next are snapshots from the French cuisine cooking lesson my sister and I attended. The afternoon consisted of creating an appetizer, main course, cheese dish, wine selection, and dessert.

The first photo below is of a zucchini flower stuffed with whipped goat cheese.

  1. Trim the blossom, remove the stamen and set aside gently.
  2. Mash together a circle of soft goat cheese, a good amount of ground pepper, and a few cranks of salt with cream. Then gently whip together until a creamy consistency before adding chives.
  3. Stuff the blossoms immediately prior to serving.

The second shot is overlooking the preparation counter where the sea bass is cooked using a salt bake (combine approx. two egg whites, lemon zest and pat onto fish) with thyme stuffed within the cavity.

Finally, we learned how to plate. Everything is centered and stacks upward to give the dish volume. Take care to wipe off the white rims of the plate to give it a professional appeal.


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Preparation table 1.0


The appetizer:

  • Tomato, garlic, pepper, basil pesto, and pork.

The main dish:

  • Sea bass with béarnaise, squash, ancient spinach, zucchini blossom with whipped cheese, and some unknown leafy green that has both a succulent texture with a crystalized dew and a combination of salt and sugar flavor.

The dessert

  •  Chocolate espresso almond cake (GLUTEN FREE). This may just be the most rich in flavor yet simplest cake you could ever imagine!! Garnished with whipped espresso cream, apricots, cherries, and baked on hazlenuts.

Bastille Day dinner ❤

Au Bourguignon du Marais

Naturally eaten during the casual hour of 9:30pm as is the late meal tradition in Paris and most French cities.

Main Dish:

  • Chicken with onion and mushroom, paired with seasoned penne pasta


  • Berry soup in pinot noir rosé sauce. Absolutely refreshing!!
  • Palette cleanse completion with a shot of espresso.

Overlooking the Notre Dame I had a mediterranean omelette and my sister a kind of open faced toasted sandwich-pizza cross dish.

From Astier’s restaurant, came a lovely cold tomato soup with cucumber and smoked cod tartar as a starter. Next came the most delicate and rich flavored salmon I have ever tasted with pistachios in a red curry froth. I topped my night off with a strawberry soup! The cleanse it provided was refreshing and not overly sweet! Perfectly delectable and definitely an overall meal I would reorder.

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