German Cuisine – Ramstein // Rhine River Valley

☕️Above and below, you’ll find southern Germany’s finest classics from dessert flammkuchen to spätzle.

🍸Sipping an aperol spritz while enjoying a classic meat roast with lingonberry overlooking the Rhine River? Yes, please!!


🍕This lovely morsel is a traditional flammkuchen. I’d describe it as being your favorite thin crusted pizza only thirty times better! This dish doesn’t use red sauces, but instead a light cream with your choice of toppings. Pictured above is ham and onion.

🍹It’s quite rare to have un-fizzy drinks in Germany or anywhere in Europe as they live off of mineralwasser (sparkling water). You can get your juices with carbonation just as easily as soda too! My favorite (non alcoholic) drink quickly became passion fruit juice.

🥗And if you realize that the heavy, hearty portions of fried food and spätzle is getting to you, opt in for the greens! The tuna salad(s) I had were some of the best salads I have had the pleasure of eating.

🍨*Cue gelato*🍨

🍗 Spätzle is a dish I mentioned earlier and is a soft egg noodle dish with an almost grainy texture topped with sauces unique to each restaurant. This German specialty is a MUST!! It can be incorporated into countless variations from side dishes to entrées.

🍺Paired with a quality German beer and it doesn’t get much better than that (plus you can ask for a take-home box).

🍣🍚 Naturally, when in Germany, I had to test out the sushi, and I was NOT disappointed! The fresh fish and authentic atmosphere was beyond comparison!

Pictured above is a combination of salmon sashimi, alaskan rolls, coconut tempura, and fried shrimp rolls… Along with one or two others (we were hungry).

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