Montana to New York

The time flew from my first step as an infant to last night in my bed as an adult. The time had come to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. The time had come to leave for college in upstate New York.

Many would have viewed the 2,000 + mile road trip as daunting or unnecessary, but I saw it as an adventure just waiting to be challenged. Starting in my hometown of Corvallis, Montana the plan was as such:

At least twelve hour days to cross Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada, and then a short drive through the very cap of New York.
If all went according to plan, it should only take a good four days to reach our destination of Ogdensburg, New York.

So here it is.

Here is the start of the beginning.

It took the first day just to cross the border into North Dakota, ending our day in a little town that probably doesn’t show up on a modern map. AmericInn’s are an excellent choice for those just passing through as there are incredibly low nightly rates combined with just the right amount of amenities.

6:00am early, coffee kickstarted day two. Again, we stumbled across a little gem of a village where we asked around for lunch and café suggestions.

We were lucky enough to dine at the Whistle Stop in Hawley, Minnesota. Not surprising was the ideal combination of friendly staff and fantastic food! There is something for every palette and you leave feeling as if you had known the townsfolk all your life.

Our dinner stop was in Ashland, Wisconsin at the restaurant called Deepwater Grille, specializing in seafood. Settled along the shores of Lake Superior you can be sure to get the best tasting fresh fish you could every dream of!


At this particular time of day, I was craving a good baked fish and indulged when I noticed the dish in bold letters on the menu, to find out that much to my excitement, was the restaurant’s specialty. Fried cod and French fries was also a highly recommended appetizer and definitely enjoyed on my end.


Cue day three.

A welcoming loon call later and the early morning haze and dew presents what may just be the most spectacular lake views I have every experienced!


So naturally, photography break in Wisconsin… Or Michigan… Those states really just blurred together at that point of time.

There were countless glass lakes during that stretch, and I had to consciously tell myself not to stop overtime I saw a particularly stunning view. If that had been the case, I would have never arrived at my final destination.


Mini gas break…

It’s important that you ALWAYS have at least half a tank of gas when you pass a filling station. Believe me, they always become suspiciously sparse when you really need them.

Next stop: the crossing to Canada!

🍚I ordered sushi ahead of time from Fuji Steakhouse and Sushi in Salt Ste Marie, U.S. Border. I was able to just drop right in and was on my way to the U.S.’s northern friends in Canada.

That night we stopped in Sudbury, Ontario. The HourGlass Restaurant and Lounge, was our dinner destination where I splurged on my favorite pasta dish – seafood linguine

(you can thank my trip to Italy for that…😉)

The generosity I was most fortunate to experience over my four day cross country road trip was unparalleled! This was especially prevalent in the dinning spots I ate at in Canada.

That morning’s breakfast was a spectacular omelette and buttered toast combination.

Go check out Burger World!

And what is a travel blog without more photos from the gorgeous North Bay region of Ontario?

That night we were back in the United States and only a short twenty minute drive from my college campus at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York.

So there you have it.

xoxo my lovelies, I wish you all the best on your adventures! Make sure to reach out if you’re interested in a detail-specific travel itinerary for a trip such as this and I’ll get right back to you!

Processed with VSCO with b3 preset
From the last coffee in the Bitterroot Valley to the final few hours before move-in day…


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