A Guide to Life in Eight Steps

You’ll have bad days, everyone does. But the sun will always rise like clockwork.

  1. Don’t take life so seriously. While you’re caught up in worrying about the double standard of perfection, you tend to forget that you were made individually unique as your own version of perfect.
  2. Relax. So sit back and live a little.
  3. Smile. If you smile on a good day, you can spread your joy to others. If you smile on a bad day, your mind can be convinced that you’re happy. Try it. It works.
  4. Eat the damn cookie. Your body changes by the minute and you can’t beat yourself up or punish yourself by depriving it of what it asks for. So please. Indulge once and a while, guilt free.
  5. Set goals and don’t forget them. Let them inspire you, drive you, and push you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.
  6. Listen. Each and every experience you have in your life has the opportunity to shape who you are, so take each one in, savor the ride and see what you can take out of it.
  7. Don’t be afraid to stand a part from the crowd. Sure popularity seems life changing in high school, but people will remember you based on how you treated them, not on how a bunch of teenagers labeled you as. Dare to take the road less traveled and follow
  8. Go M.A.D – Go Make A Difference.




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