NYC – Culinary Adventure


Between macchiatos, dumplings, and true ramen, New York has it all!

Be sure to check out some of my favorite coffee shops:

Monkey Cup – the perfect aesthetic niche complete with a book tree and phenomenal macchiatos. You can always roll the Monkey Dice and grab a pastry on your way out or stay a while by snatching a book from the tree.

Hamilton’s Bakery – Instaworthy with everything from wall quotes to pastries to avocado toast to (my personal favorite) oatmeal with steamed milk.

Sugarhill Cafe – Ideal for specialty seasonal drinks (and outstanding cappuccinos).

Taszo – This espresso bar is ever-changing and never looks the same twice!

A few other notable shops: Il Cafe Latte, Chipped Cup, and Manhattanville.




On my first night in the city, I needed a bowl of ramen to unwind from the day of travel from upstate New York. ROKC lived up to all expectations! This Ramen, Oyster, Kitchen, and Cocktail restaurant is a true gem of Harlem. Be sure to order one of their famous cocktails (I loved the lavender) that are served in gorgeous displays and a few local oysters – either raw or steamed in sake.

NOTE: arrive early to beat the rush!

One of my dearest friends attends Columbia University, so naturally, she pointed me in the right direction for a spectacular get-together-brunch location. You really can’t miss a meal at Community Food and Juice! You can be healthy with an egg white veggie omelette or indulge in double stacked gooey French toast. Either way you go, you won’t leave disappointed!

A trip to Chinatown led me to my sister’s favorite dumpling shop: Vanessa’s. As this was my first time trying traditional dumplings, we ordered a little bit of everything – with leftovers to snack on later that night. It’s affordable and a true experience! If you’re feeling a bubble tea, this is also the place to go.



If you’re feeling in need of a light lunch or mid-day snack, the Juice Shop has 5 star acai bowls, smoothies, and toasts. This chain is scattered throughout Manhattan so you are sure to stumble across one as you adventure about the city.


You may not have initially thought of it, but Ethiopian food is not something to miss and quickly became my favorite experience in New York City! Injera is an authentic eatery that supplies beef, lamb, and veggies alongside the flatbread injera.

Nish Nush is a contemporary eatery that offers a spectacular assortment of kosher and Middle Eastern food and are famous for their falafel and hummus! Oh, and they have killer smoothies that you deserve after a day walking through Soho.

Note to future self: Make sure to find you a boy who looks at you the way I look at this sandwich

And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include a ritualistic photo of me consuming an entire Italian-styled pizza… So join me in the delights of Bono’s Trattoria on the Upper West Side in Harlem where I met up with my sister for a savory glass of wine and Italian cuisine (yes, I have a weakness for Italian).

From inside aesthetic coffeeshops, specialty espresso drinks and gourmet avocado toast are never lacking in the metropolis of New York City.

Below are an inside look at Hamilton’s Eatery and the Monkey Cup – each with their own charm and appeal. At the Monkey Cup, be sure to ask for the specialty tea brew of the day (an insider’s trick that never fails to delight both myself and the barista, who gets to serve up a specialty concoction);





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