A Weekend in Montreal

Read on for two of the highlighted restaurants that I explored during my overnight in Montreal this spring.


Where to go:

L.O.V. Restaurant

Not only is this gem every foodie’s dream in terms of aesthetic photos and gorgeous dishes, but it is absolutely perfect for a Sunday brunch (as Sophie and I discovered after hours of searching for a post-retail therapy stroll through the streets of Downtown Montreal).

I was immediately drawn to the organic omelet with mushrooms, zucchini, cheese, and mixed greens, while Sophie had the sweet apple pancakes topped with cashew chai creme, spiced apple sauce, fresh pomegranate seeds, and hot maple syrup.

But let’s be honest, the entire brunch menu is not something to miss!! They elevate even the simplest of snacks into masterpieces!

They offer specialty cocktails and homemade drinks anywhere from lavender lemonade to espresso and they are presented in the most beautiful way.


Processed with VSCO with k1 preset

Next on the list for a Girl’s Night Out:

Ristorante Beatrice

At this point, seeing me chose an Italian restaurant should be commonplace. But Ristorante Beatrice raises the bar on all accounts!

This Urban Oasis in the center of Downtown Montreal is perfect to dress up or dress down for a girl’s night out.

No matter what you decide on (if you can), you needn’t worry about being disappointed! The portions are not too large, ensuring that you have room for one of the multitude of desserts. I suggest chocolate hazelnut budino or cannoli.

It does have a classier and upscale vibe to it with prices to match, but if you are looking to indulge a smidge, I highly recommend Ristorante Beatrice.

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