Falling into Winter

Arguably the best time of year is when you can wear a sweater and drink a hot chai latte and not feel like you nose is about to fall off from the biting cold of winter.

When the leaves decide to show off and a slight chill enters the air, you know that fall has come out to play.

Processed with VSCO with au5 presetI think that there can be a strong and compelling argument that goes to prove that campuses in the North Country are the most beautiful and picturesque in the fall, but I’ll leave that post for another time. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

One of the most popular things for us college kids to do when you need to avoid midterms, the three essays due in two days, and figuring out how you’re going to have time to eat between classes is to head over to one of the many apple orchards just off campus.Processed with VSCO with ku1 presetFor just five dollars, groups pack into cars and comb row upon row of apples and fill up a bundle of fresh, local, and de-li-cious apples. (My personal favorite? Cortlands. See picture above.)

With bellies full of apples and cider, the smell of carving pumpkins on porches, and spiced candles transitioning the dorms into a cozy nook; St. Lawrence University finally turned on the heat. Finally.Processed with VSCO with au5 presetGiant piles of leaves began to spring up periodically around campus, rounding up the masses of Adirondack leaves as they fell from limbs with each strong gust of wind that threatened to blow everyone and everything away.

Groups hosted warm activities from volunteering in Campus Kitchens on campus to the community wide Northern heritage festival held in Canton, where vendors and artisans gathered to share and exhibit their unique and stunning trades.

The two weekends of Halloween came and went in a blur as well – as all forms of social media can attest for. As well as midterms and the much needed mid semester break.

Little things here and there signaled the transition from the ninety degree, sweltering heat to the bitter winter and frigid show covered ground of winter such as these.

The last remaining moments of fall are finally upon us as the orchards now have no more apples to pick and the pumpkins are turning up frost bitten and snacked upon by the infamous squirrels of Canton.

Down jackets are officially a commonplace and the coffee is never iced.

The leaves have fallen and been collected.

And nighttime begins at six-thirty in the evening when the sun sets.

All of these things have finally come to pass.

The North Country is finally falling into winter.Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset

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