Italy Vlog

From the moment I landed in Italy last year with my sister, Kelly, the country captured my heart. I knew that I needed to return, so this year (2018), I utilized my universities study abroad program in order to immerse myself in Italian culture once more.

In Naples, I took a condensed semester course (completed in two weeks) in both Italian and Baroque Art & Storytelling. The first week focused on the art and architecture of the Baroque style complete with a tour and history of a handful of the main churches.

See Naples // Ischia for photos and a few details.

The next week, we stayed in Ischia where we studied Basile’s works titled, Lo cunto, which are considered to be the origin of the modern fairytale genre.

After the classes had been completed, I met up with a friend in Acqui Terme and we took a trip down to Cinque Terre and made camp in Riomaggiore. There we got lost (multiple times) and enjoyed the fresh morning air on a terrace before the heat drenched us in sweat and we had to run down to the water to cool off.

This second vlog is more of a walkthrough of Naples that I snagged in between lectures, focusing in on the stunning Baroque architecture and cobblestones streets of Napoli.

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