Nibbles in Banff

I think I took the wrong turn on my way to a tropical spring break…but I suppose the tasty beauty that is Banff, Alberta will have to do!

After a ten hour drive with the parents, we bee lined it over to Keg Steakhouse. This is a crazy popular chain throughout western Canada – especially Alberta. For an appetizer, calamari will ALWAYS be a good move. (always).Next up was a perfectly done sirloin steak with all the fixins of a twice baked potato.

There was a tasty looking cheesecake and mud pie that was flitting around to different tables, but we were a tad full.

Over in town, we spotted a Greek joint called Balkan Restaurant. And when you see it, order yourself some Saganaki (whiskey burned on top of cheese, served with seasoned pita bread) as your appetizer.


A Greek lunch is really more of a feast. The Greek Bowl (*technically a salad) was finished off with falafel, fried chickpeas, olives, rice, grilled veggies, and tomatoes. You’ll be so full you won’t even want to steal the fries off your friend’s plate!

But as always, gyros are golden.psst! Those are the fries in the corner^don’t let anyone taste them or there won’t be any left for you!

I’ll just… take… this… haystack…

Next up is a stunning gondola ride up to the summit overlooking Banff with all of its panoramic glory!

Not to mention the two restaurants that grace the glass walls with food as memorable as the sights.

At Sky Bistro (make a reservation!!!) check out some of the tasty bites that my fam and I nibbled on:I had a cherry negroni that matched my sweater, paired perfectly with a butternut squash salad.

My dad enjoyed his duck legs with one of the locally brewed beers.

Neeeeext up:

Lunch in the Fairmont Chateaux of Lake Louise! After an impromptu ice skating adventure on the frozen lake, I snuck into the grand hotel of a castle that is Fairmont and made my way down to the Alpine Social (we were hungry).I did actually steal the spicy sauce that came with my mom’s sweet potato fries and drizzled it on top of my flatbread masterpiece – while also stealing fries…

For dinner, we dined like kings and queens at The Maple Leaf just down the block from where we were staying.

This particular restaurant is noticed for its spectacular wine selections and cocktails – so be sure to keep a lookout! Their plating is also phenomenal with the aesthetic and slightly Parisian style of presentation.Naturally… I ordered a meat and cheese plate for my entree because that’s literally me every time. Check out Italian Cuisine – Napoli for more of my stellar meat plates!

The seafood bucatini also looked and tasted just as lovely as it sounds! Again Italian Cuisine – Cinque Terre // Riomaggiore again for more on my obsession with pasta and seafood linguini.

After this, it will be off to Calgary for a final night in Alberta before returning to school in the East.

And it has been quite the culinary adventure of a lifetime!!

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