Capri by Land and Sea

Throwing it back to one of my first weekends in Southern Italy, nearly nine weeks ago, brought me on a quick day trip around Capri and Anacapri with the rest of the students at Sant’Anna.

P.S. the views from the top of Monte Solaro weren’t too shabby.

You could see the world from up there! The air was a bit brisker, and the sea was that much more vibrant (if that is even possible).

To access this particular panoramic spot, you take the bus (or undergo an arduous stair-hike) from Capri to Anacapri. In other words, go from the small port area to the town of Capri. From there, you take a chair lift to the highest point on Capri with the option to grab a glass of wine and snack at the restaurant, and naturally take loads of photos and take in the views.

A few weeks later, my friends and I rented a private boat for the day! Our guide showed us around the entire island, complete with drinks and lunch at a small little cove of a marine-access-only restaurant from 9am until 6pm.

When you put twelve of us on a boat together, you can be sure that laughs and impromptu dance parties would not be sparse. The top left photo is the famous arch of Capri trailed by a legend of love. The story goes that if you and your significant other share a kiss beneath the arch, your love will be eternal.

So…kiss anyone?

We also had the chance to swim in the Blue Grotto (or Grotto Azzuro), the famous singing cave that you see in pictures and short clips. Normally, the entrance fee is pricey and you have to pray that the tide of the sea cooperated and the line of people isn’t too exhausting. But, our guide offered to take us after hours!

Surrounded by a bunch of other boats and yachts, the twelve of us jumped into the deep waves of the Mediterranean and grabbed hold of the chain that allows you to pull yourself into the Blue Grotto (feet first because Sea Urchins).

The Blue Grotto is famous for the two openings, one above the water that you enter through and the other beneath the surface of the water. The majestic and iridescent blue that you see inside is due to the light reflecting through the lower cave opening. This same cave was once the bath of Emperor Nero, who would oftentimes take politicians into to murder…fun fact. but true.

Before embarking on the boat trip, I wasn’t aware of the many caves that lie in niches around the island. Each has a unique beauty and each has its own fantastical tale!

There was also a fresh water waterfall that we drove under!

The greens were more vibrant than anything else, and the purple flowers native to Italy were set against the white stucco and light pastel homes of those who were lucky enough to have a home overlooking the sea in Capri.

Our longest pit stop was in a little alcove that accumulated yachts and small private boats like ours for as far as the eye could see! There was a two person raft taxi that took boat-goers from the water to the small beaches and restaurants built up into the hillside.

Apparently a famous Italian actor was seated near us, but honestly, I wouldn’t have known.

My diving technique also went from zero to a hundred after the multitude of times we dove into the water to cool off and bob around the rolling waves. The front of the boat garnered a lovely cannon ball though. That felt high. And I’m not a competitive diver (@ Gabby showing off for those guys in the boat).

But rest assured, I was only sea sick on the journey from Sorrento to Capri, where the waves chopped us in *just the wrong way.

After an aperol spritz with the girls and a meal of prosciutto, grapes, and crackers (and naturally lots of fruit), we turned the speed on high, and literally flew across the water and back into the port of Sorrento. Just in time for dinner!

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