Walk Through Time – Naples

A walk through time in the heart of Naples... Starring a photographic gallery of my personal favorites and memories that will always remain vivid in my mind. Enjoy!

Italy Vlog

From the moment I landed in Italy last year with my sister, Kelly, the country captured my heart. I knew that I needed to return, so this year (2018), I utilized my universities study abroad program in order to immerse myself in Italian culture once more. In Naples, I took a condensed semester course (completed … Continue reading Italy Vlog

Vintage Summer

Timeless Polaroids have taken the world by storm in twenty-eighteen from basic Instax to modernized styles to refurbished polaroid cameras from way back when. These classic and one-of-a-kind photos were the original Instagram, snapshot, and frame that documented memories in the form of an instant photo. I decided to compile the polaroids that I took … Continue reading Vintage Summer

Naples // Ischia

In a city of over 500 churches, you won't find a shortage of places to explore and bask in the true beauty of Baroque architecture. Around every corner, Naples has history written into the very cobblestone roads from the Greek settlers all the way to the modernization of the twentieth century as the narrow grid … Continue reading Naples // Ischia

Italian Cuisine – Napoli (Week 1)

I have returned to the land of endless pasta, pizza, and paninis!! For the next month, I'm studying abroad in Naples and Ischia in Southern Italy through my university with an emphasis on Baroque Art and Storytelling. To pace out my adventures, each week will have a designated set of food and travel blogs; so … Continue reading Italian Cuisine – Napoli (Week 1)